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Pipette Tool

Carryover-free transfer of liquids with pipette tips

The Pipette Tool enables the automatic transfer of liquids with pipette tips. Liquids can be picked up and dispensed automatically with a pipette tip. The used tip is then dropped over a waste container and a new tip is picked up. Carry-overs are thus prevented. This is absolutely reproducible. The speed at which the samples are drawn up can be precisely regulated. This is a valuable feature especially when handling biological or viscous samples. 

With the help of the DeCapper module, closed vials can be used. The DeCapper Module opens and closes the screw caps of the vials automatically. The application is especially useful for Micro-SPE as well as protein digestion in a pipette tip or serial dilutions. Tips for 0 - 200 µL or 0 - 1000 µL are available.

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