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CHRONECT Workstation MultiMix

Automated production of mixing standards

The CHRONECT Workstation MultiMix enables an automated production of mixing standards. This fully automated dilution station is able to produce functional standard mixtures from stock solutions under gravimetric control. It is controlled by CHRONOS and connected to a SQL database for the administration of all reference standards and standard solutions. The modular system of CHRONECT Robotic can be individually adapted to the needs of the user.

Selection of possible modules

  • DeCapper module for opening and closing vials with screw caps
  • Pipetting tool for the use of disposable pipette tips
  • Weighing modules from Mettler Toledo for gravimetric control or for determining the initial weight
  • CHRONECT VLP for label printing and automated vial labelling
  • Barcode reader for 1D and 2D barcodes for reading information

This Workstation is controlled by the automation platform CHRONOS, which allows the control of all modules. In order to integrate it into the laboratory workflow, CHRONOS has interfaces and extension possibilities for connection to other company software such as LIMS or inventory management systems.

A direct check of the calibration standards by means of GC or LC measurements is possible. The results obtained can be interpreted by CHRONOS EBIS and can be used for the release and certification of the calibration standards.

Many laboratories produce calibration standards themselves from stock solutions. This is often done more or less manually. Volume-controlled dosing is often not sufficient for the required accuracy. Dilution must be carried out to a hair's breadth over the density. The density varies depending on the temperature, for example. By integrating a scale into the automation process, throughput and reproducibility can be considerably improved, even for viscous media.

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